06 April 2011
Pre-Remittances activity
It’s only me! That’s my second short visit to London and t...
04 April 2011
Rebranding code (IV) Internal Seminar
  We’re on time. The actions planned till now for the exter...
21 March 2011
Rebranding reactions (III) – Q & A
We’re pleased to have received a series of positive reactions to...
17 March 2011
Rebranding transition (II) – the countdown
42, 41, 40,…days left till the Public Announcement,… and still...
14 March 2011
Rebranding crusade (I) – the pre-announcement
Enthusiastic and heroic, like the crusaders were, we started the campa...
04 March 2011
2011 e-Service Award in good hands
Every year, the Awards Gala of the e-Finance magazine is organized by ...
01 March 2011
BIS’ 18th User Group Edition
Continuing to organize every 3 months a meeting with our customers ...
01 February 2011
Since BIS was “born”- transaction banking highlights
Following our 12yo anniversary and as we started a new year to add to ...

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