23 December 2013
Letter to Santa
We thought of you when we wrote this letter to Santa. Merry Christmas ...
13 December 2013
FinTP code launch coming soon
…very soon…   By: Ioana Guiman...
12 December 2013
Allevo re-architects the organization and appoints new management
  In the second half of 2011 Allevo management of the time initia...
10 December 2013
One more month of coding
As hackathonists took their job very seriously and need a little bit m...
04 December 2013
Choice of a CEO: Discharging
This end of November – beginning of December we at Allevo have a lot...
27 November 2013
Can FinTP turn 2014 into an open source milestone?
This is not meant as a mini history of open source important moments, ...
20 November 2013
Scaling in the Real World
rich guy with friends Imagine you are a rich farmer in the middle ages...
15 November 2013
Happy 15th Birthday, Allevo!
It has been quite a journey and we would like to thank each and every ...
25 October 2013
FinTP Hackathon #2 Themes
Friday, October 25, 2013   Here are some of our themes suggestion...
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