17 December 2020
Allevo on the Whizzer project: Mid-progress announcement
Allevo, with the support of a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and No...
27 October 2020
The Whizzer project. Advice: do your research and apply!
A short testimonial about the Whizzer project, co-financed by EEA & No...
28 September 2020
Whizzer – Open Source Distribution Model
Allevo challenges the business community and academia to help us test ...
21 July 2020
Allevo featured on
Winnovart Explore introducing Allevo. Open software for financial flow...
09 July 2020
Allevothon: or how to improve your software development processes in a...
24 June 2020
New partnership: Unionsoft
Allevo partnered with Unionsoft...
28 April 2020
Allevo finalized the TOSS project!
Allevo succeeded in finalizing the TOSS project. More about it here: h...
20 March 2020
Allevo on Whizzer
What problem are we trying to solve? In short, financial inclusion. Th...
26 February 2020
Elevator pitch for the board of BCR
We are the plumbers of next generation corporate banking infrastructur...
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