17 December 2010
EC sets Sepa migration deadlines
If you read our June 2010 post about Sepa migration deadlines Just a ...
10 December 2010
Three in one
Ending a challenging year and welcoming a better one…. We’re a...
24 November 2010
November and BIS turns 12yo
November is the month we add another year to our presence in the finan...
18 November 2010
Three years experience in exhibiting at Sibos
After having a ten year continuous presence as simple participants at ...
15 November 2010
Blog fusion – CMMI brought to light
We’ve finally integrated our CMMI dedicated blog with this one. ...
04 November 2010
Sibos movie
Again, coming back to those who, for different reasons, weren’t ...
02 November 2010
Retrospection over the Sibos week
After a hectic week in Amsterdam where days were starting much too ear...
29 October 2010
Sibos Day 5
Now we can easily say that’s all, folks, for Sibos 2010. All tha...
28 October 2010
Sibos Day 4
Before SWIFT officially closed the doors of Sibos 2010, we had the opp...
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