12 June 2011
Becoming Allevo
A big thank you goes to everyone who joined us on the lovely evening o...
08 June 2011
Rebranding as Allevo (VIII) – Meet our team
Allevo team This is the almost complete Allevo team gathered togeth...
02 June 2011
What’s the next step for financial inclusion?
Or… what has been brought into the light as a result of the 2 days o...
01 June 2011
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, ...
01 June 2011
Rebranding invitation (VII) – to friends readers
After thirteen years of business innovative activity in the financial ...
16 May 2011
Rebranding point (VI) – Final match(es)
We’re using here the term “match” in both most commo...
05 May 2011
EPC sets out Sepa mobile payments guidelines
Following our posts about SEPA (most recent in April 2011 ECB calls fo...
20 April 2011
Rebranding recipe (V) – Uniqueness and innovation…
…the combination we bet on. Allevo brand is the personification of w...
08 April 2011
ECB calls for Sepa deadline extension
If you read our December 2010 post about Sepa migration deadlines we t...

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