• ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2018 audit certifications, including conformity with 2022 updates
    Allevo User Group 26 and celebration of 25 years of activity
    Participation at Sibos in Toronto
    ReGIS/MX migration projects for all FinTP customers. New FinTP customer.
  • Adoption of Whizzer for Allevo financial processes
    FinTP MT to MX migration and other features
    User Group 35
    Back at Sibos in Amsterdam
    ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 19011:2018 audit certifications
  • Successfully finalized the Whizzer Project, with the help of an EEA & Norway Grants grant investment from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2014-2021, in the frame of the Programme “SMEs Growth Romania”, operated by Innovation Norway.
    User Group 34
    FinTP MT to MX migration projects: cross-border payments and TARGET2 RTGS. Migrated all qPayIntegrator customers to FinTP
  • FinTP is ISO 20022 CBPR+ ready
    Graduated BCR-InnovX Accelerator Program for Scale-ups
    Finalized the TOSS project - March 2020
    Started the Whizzer project, co-financed via EEA Norway Grants, SMEs Growth Programme, operated by Innovation Norway Romania
    Startup Grand Global - Silicon Valley pitch
    User Group 33 - online
  • National Winner in The Award for Innovation (0-25M turnover) category at the European Business Awards 2019
    Partnered with WSO2 to provide open banking solutions in Romania
    Extended the TOSS project with 6 months
    Exhibited at Sibos
    Allevo selected in BCR-InnovX Accelerator Program for Scale-ups
    Tech panel participation at the Annual Payments Forum, organised by National Bank of Romania
    User Group 32
  • PSD2 compliance solution for banks
    User Group 31
    2 banks live on FMA in Moldova
    SWIFT Business Forum Romania keynote
    Partnered with Bakken & Bæck to apply for a financing programme lead by Innovation Norway
    National Winner for Digital Technology at the European Business Awards 2018
  • TOSS project launch - FinOps Suite, FinTPc extension for SMEs & corporate treasuries
    New FinTP features: Instant Payments & PSD2 compliance
    Garanti Bank Romania implements FinTP
    User Group 30
    First international TOSS conference in Moldova
    ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications
  • EBAday and Sibos exhibitors, including The Trendsetter Bank session
    Live with 3 FinTP customers, ensuring SEPA compliance, Treasury functionality, AML Filtering, Direct Debit
    SEPA Direct Debit and Mandate Management for banks
    White label solution for corporate SEPA compliance to Raiffeisen Bank Romania
    SWIFT Business Forum Romania keynote
    Two User Group events and a workshop for banks in Moldova
  • Two User Group events
    EBAday and Sibos exhibitors, including the "Eating The Financial World" session
    SWIFT Business Forum - with the Romanian Banking Association
    FinTP tailored for microfinance
    Uganda-based Encot implements FinTP
    EximBank implements FinTP for designing their business infrastructure
    Implemented SCT component for SEPA RON compliance at Banca Romaneasca
  • Two User Group events
    EBAday and Sibos exhibitors, organizing two sessions
    Published FinTP code & launched the FINKers United community
    First bank customer for FinTP
    ISO 27001 certification
    New feature for processing banking statements for corporate customers
    Implemented SCT component for SEPA RON compliance at BCR
  • EBAday and Sibos exhibitors, including the "Financial Tribes of the Future" session
    Organized two hackathon events
    SCT compliance for Amsterdam Trade Bank
    Multi-MMT and multi-country capability for microfinance
    New corporate customer: ADPharma
    Collaborated with SWIFT for producing the Innotribe Startup Challenge (2013-2017)
  • FinMedia e-10 years Award for excellence and global performance over the last decade
    Exhibited at Sibos 2012; Innotribe speaker
    Implemented SEPA RON standards in qPayIntegrator
    SWIFT Business Forum - 20 Years of SWIFT in Romania, with Allevo as the only SWIFT Service Partner in Romania
    Exhibited at EBAday and participated in the innovation panel plenary at SWIFT CEE Regional Conference
  • Exhibited at Sibos, at EBAday and at SPIN by ABI
    FinMedia e-Service Award for qPayIntegrator-WR
    SWIFTReady Workers' Remmitances 2011 certification for qPayIntegrator-WR
    qPayIntegrator-T2 (TARGET2 connectivity)
    qPayIntegrator-TIPc for corporates
    Rebranded to Allevo
    Participated/organized SEPA National Forum(s) and 12 International events
  • Exhibited at Sibos and at EBAday, and participated at SOFE
    FinMedia e-Support Award for the AML filtering solution
    qPayIntegrator: SWIFTReady Workers' Remittances
    qPayIntegrator for microfinance
    AML transaction filtering feature
    PAYaaS, a hosted managed service for management of financial transactions
  • FinMedia e-Support Award for qPayIntegrator
    Achieved CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Level 2
    qPayIntegrator: new Workers' Remittances feature and compatibility with for Alliance Lite
    Exhibited at Sibos and at EBAday, and participated at SOFE
  • Exhibitor at Sibos with a Special Interest Session: "Public Institutions in SEPA Context"
    Celebrated 10 years of activity
    qPayIntegrator certified SWIFTReady SEPA
    Organized the first "SEPA - Concepts and Achievements" conference in Bucharest
    Participated at SOFE (SWIFT Operations Forum - Europe)
  • Launched the Debit Instruments feature of qPayIntegrator
    Launched FMA v2
    FinMedia e-Impact Award for corporate-to-bank solutions - MACUG
    SWIFTNet Phase2 migration for financial institutions in CEE
    Released "BIS contribution to banking projects of 1998-2006", a collection of articles
    Exhibited at SOFE (SWIFT Operations Forum - Europe)
    SWIFT expert certification: TARGET2, EUCLID, Cash Reporting, Funds, Bulk Payments SEPA, SWIFTAlliance RMA
  • Started CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) implementation process
    Liquidity feature for qPayIntegrator
    Migration services for SWIFTNet phase 2
    Exhibited at SOFE (SWIFT Operations Forum - Europe) and at SWIFT Regional Conference in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Launched ReconS, a real-time Nostro/Vostro accounts reconciliation solution
    Became Oracle and MQ Software partners
  • qPayIntegrator connects 6 banks to the national electronic payment system
    AML filtering feature for qPayIntegrator
    14 new customers
    User Group 1
  • SWIFT Service Partner
    Trained and certified specialists on SWIFTAlliance Access / SWIFTAlliance Entry, SWIFTAlliance Gateway and SWIFTNet migration
    Designed qPayIntegrator (payment hub)
  • ISO 9001 certification
    Launched KMS, a management supporting tool
  • Launched Esfera, a business continuity & disaster recovery solution
    Implemented and IT resource management solution based on IBM Tivoli at a bank
    Launched FMA (business continuity for SWIFT platforms)
    Launched qBC (a message routing middleware, qPayIntegrator's precursor)
  • Services for the migration from Merva to SWIFTAlliance Access / SWIFTAlliance Entry
    Became Tivoli Business Partner
  • Implemented Y2K conformity projects and payment systems based on IBM MERVA solution
    Business partnerships with: IBM, SWIFT, Microsoft, Oracle, Lotus, Tivoli, Infosys, Vision Solutions, Brokat
    Became IBM Solution Provider and Microsoft Certified Solution Provider
    Business Information Systems S.R.L.

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