Training and Events

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Training sessions for Allevo products and third party software

Allevo organizes on-request training sessions for its product suite and for third party software the Allevo staff is certified for. These can be hosted either online, at the Allevo offices or at customer premises. These training sessions are tailored to the profile of the audience, thus they can be either for business operators, for IT specialists or for application administrators/users.

User group meetings with Allevo customers

Allevo organizes annual user group meetings with its customers where business, operations and IT users interact and collaborate to address common issues they encounter in their day to day activity. These discussions often result in new features implemented in next releases of Allevo products.

Open source specific events

As a result of the distribution model adopted, Allevo organizes specific open source events, such as hackathons, where developers from banks, corporations, public administrations, universities or other such environments are welcome to join and use their skills and experience to have fun and bring value to Allevo’s community project, FinTP Project.

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