FinTP for banks connects back-office, core banking or other internal bank systems with external networks, market infrastructures or distribution channels. It ensures STP (straight through processing) and integration between these proprietary and usually non-interoperable applications.

The core functions are flow automation, processing various types of message types, validation, reconciliation, resilience, persistence. It then offers a rich set of business and technical functionalities, aimed to accommodate needs of bank operators, regulatory requirements, audit policies or end customers.

FinTP performs routing and processing of messages between financial institutions, achieving cross industry interoperability. FinTP helps business customers consolidate their financial and treasury operations. It also helps retail chains reconcile and settle available stock with registered sales.

FinTP and all ancillary documentation is distributed freely and openly through the FINkers United community and it provides collaboration ground for rapid development and integration of new technologies, such as crypto currencies, biometric security, data analysis algorithms. This creates an open infrastructure for achieving real-time payments and a better management of liquidity and assets.