Open Source – FINkers United

Allevo is a company that creates software applications.

Until 2014 Allevo distributed its products under traditional licenses.

In 2014 Allevo changed its business model, making the transition towards open source.

Allevo thus founded FINkers United, a community that promotes open source software for the Financial Services industry. Allevo redesigned its flagship payments processing application, in compliance with requirements of the GPL v3 license. As a result, FinTP was born.

Allevo protects the intellectual property of its own contributions to the projects published in the FINkers United community and its trademarks. This is reflected in this Proof of Entitlement.pdf.

Allevo is currently the main sponsor of FINkers United, encouraging and supporting community contributions. The governance and the strategy of FINkers United makes it accountable and liable for its deliverables.

Products and solutions that Allevo delivers to its customers benefit from Allevo’s guarantee, covering the quality of the code, providing code audit reports upon request, as well as the source code.