Becoming Allevo

A big thank you goes to everyone who joined us on the lovely evening of June 7th at the Pescarus restaurant’s terrace.

We tried preparing all we could think of in good time – a nice cozy location, good food and drinks, happy and almost complete company staff, a carefully selected series of speeches, trying not to fill too much of the little time available and also stick to the essence.

We thus invited Mrs Mona Ursu who has worked side by side with us for creating the new brand of Business Information Systems: Allevo. Then after we had Mr Ruud van der Horst up on stage; he had a beautiful speech about the path we’ve taken from the BIS of 10 years ago to the nowadays’ Allevo. Stephan Kraft from SWIFT brought a few words on our long-time partnership. To make the speech series more fun, we invited on stage Mr Constantin Nita from Hallewood Romania to tell our guests something about the famous Black Maiden wine we were going to offer upon departure. Also, we were honored to have Mr Adrian Georgescu, the author of the book chosen as gift to our invitees, say a few words to the audience and sign books for those seeking a personalized autograph.

We know not everyone is a Facebook addict, but we still decided to upload photos from the event on Allevo’s facebook page, the album being available publicly even to the Facebook-less people.

Once again, we’re sorry our 2 lovely Alinas, Nicu, Cristina, Costi and Mihnea could not be among the hosts. Likewise, we regret not to have been honored by all our partners and customers, but we can understand what they meant when saying “duty calls”.

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