Rebranding recipe (V) – Uniqueness and innovation…

Allevo brand is the personification of what we do and how we do our work. It represents our company’s team, its aspirations and vision for the future, its work philosophy and market approach.

Going back 12 years ago, when Business Information Systems just started its activity, the user of banking services required two critical features, speed and security; the financial transactions had to arrive quickly and secure to the beneficiary. Time is money, as we all know!

The banking landscape got meanwhile more and more complex, new banking products, new banking channels, new offers and requirements. Not to mention the new regulations and standards.

We’ve put all the passion and enthusiasm in day-by-day struggles, diagnosing and solving customers’ problems, developing new solutions, complying with the times and fighting with the time.
No complaints, though, easy things don’t lead too often to quality things…We had the opportunity to evolve as a company, to develop as a team, to qualify as experts.

All these years of hard work draw together the team’s values that make us unique.
The survey, conducted with our customers and partners during the rebranding preparation, has identified Allevo’s market perception…

…act now and today, promptly
…believe in innovation and relentless curiosity
…aim for results and efficiency
…praise uniqueness
…expertise and adaptability
…help the financial transactions processing
…dedicated to delivering the best
…professional excellence and
…sound reputation

values we are very proud of and prove that we bring to our business partners (customers or vendors):
emotional benefits by feeling secure and in control, informed and important;
rational benefits by getting support, state-of-the-art solutions and compliance with the standards and regulations of the financial and banking industry.

Allevo’s team is Thinking evolution.


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