Sibos grand finale

November starts, but Sibos ends. It’s a bit sad as even some of the session titles bear the mark of the “finale”: Innotribe Start-up 2012 Challenge – Grand Finale, Compliance Forum Closing Address, Closing of the Standards Forum, Closing plenary.

Looking back on the past four days, I can think we can check Osaka as a great Sibos in Allevo’s history. On top of the numerous scheduled face-to-face meetings, we had also a significant number of new visitors, following up on our community session and on Corina’s presentation of FinTP within the Innotribe space. It was overwhelming to see the responsiveness and interest of people to such a bold initiative (that to create a platform for financial transactions processing with open distribution licensing and to build the community to support it). It gave us hope that we can turn this into a successful project, with your help of course.

We also had the chance to participate to some very interesting sessions, gather important information, adding up to our present knowledge and experience

After all the back-and-forth, the bustle and the agitation from the previous days, you can even get to feel lonely without Sibos 🙂 Just kidding now, but the atmosphere of such a big event makes you look forward to the next year… and the next… and the next.

But until then, we still have to say our good-byes at the Sibos closing event. I’m sure it’s gonna be fun, even if the disappointment that it’s all over will be present.

And after that… we’ll see you next year in Dubai. Luckily we’ll have our Sibos photos to bring back nice memories.

So bye-bye Osaka, Dubai get ready for us 🙂

By: Ioana Moldovan

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