Innotribe Session

Innotribe Session

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cerc allevo 1Mr. Michel Bauwens, Founder, P2P Foundation

cerc allevo 2Ms. Corina Mihalache, Director Business Analysis, Allevo

cerc allevo 3Mr. Mark Pesce, Founder, Future Street

cerc allevo 2Mr. Peter Vander Auwera, Innovation Leader, SWIFT


Innotribe session about the major cultural tectonic shifts that are underpinning and driving the hyper-connected economy and are the understream of deep organizational changes. We witness the birth of new economies based on hyper-connected organizations, exposure of core competence through APIs, horizontal sourcing versus vertical integration, Peer-To-Peer (P2P) sharing of data, Open Source developments, and activated humans that act from their true selves and lead into a new practice for value creation.

Please see related information on Sibos Conference page: INNOTRIBE Session: HYPER ECONOMIES, as well as a short description of the speakers’ profiles and subjects to be approached on Peter Vander Auwera’s blogpost.