Allevo Session

Community Session

Comm session date 2


cerc allevo 1Mr. Nicolae Brova, Chief Information Officer Societe Generale Private Banking (Japan) Ltd., Japan

cerc allevo 2Mr. Radu Gratian Ghetea, President CEC Bank, Romania

cerc allevo 3Ms. Ioana Guiman, Product Manager Allevo, Romania

cerc allevo 1Mr. Mircea Mihaescu, Director Technology Research Center, Sberbank, Russia

cerc allevo 2Mr. Artur Pereira, CEO Descontel, Portugal

cerc allevo 3Mrs. Rodica Tuchila, Director Romanian Banking Association, Romania


People have always lived in communities. The first half of the 21st century means fast technological connectivity, information feeds matched to individuals’ profiles, intelligent pocket devices and cloud services powered by growing information silos. Everyone’s connected by the technology they own; why not use it as a financial inclusion tool? Plain or smarter devices, related to the individual’s cultural and financial shape, facilitate the exchange of values in compliance with rules and de facto context. The panel will encourage an open debate on selected business cases linking the bear needs purchasing, selling, financing and paying duties to the society.

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