01 November 2012
Sibos grand finale
November starts, but Sibos ends. It’s a bit sad as even some of ...
01 November 2012
The future of doing good
I felt the need to include in my Sibos journal a separate post about I...
31 October 2012
And the winner is…
  Back at Sibos this morning for Day 3, we had a very nice surpri...
30 October 2012
Allevo rocking sessions at Sibos
There goes Day 2 of Sibos already. This was the busiest day for Allevo...
29 October 2012
Go Sibos go
5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Go! The first day of Sibos 2012! Oh my God, what an a...
28 October 2012
No work like team work
  After a lovely walk around Kita and a delicious dinner in the &...
27 October 2012
A little journal about Allevo at Sibos Osaka
Did you know that Forex and other futures traders use a system of anal...
13 October 2012
Agile Financial Inclusion at Sibos
As part of its experience as exhibitor at Sibos, Allevo has organized ...
12 October 2012
SWIFT Business Forum 2012 – 20 Years of SWIFT in Romania
  20 years of SWIFT in Romania were celebrated yesterday, October...

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