Go Sibos go

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Go! The first day of Sibos 2012!

Oh my God, what an atmosphere. I think I forgot to mention that for me, unlike Allevo and my other colleagues, this is the first Sibos. So you can imagine the feeling I had, seeing so many people roaming around the halls of Intex Osaka, all looking exquisite. Of course, I have been to a lot of other conferences, even worldwide conventions, but I guess they just don’t compare to Sibos. I guess you could say that, during Sibos, Intex Osaka looked like an actual metropolis 🙂

No more and no less than 32 sessions available at Sibos today. Having to choose, I must admit that the Innovation Opening and the ones from Innotribe’s space are most appealing to me, as innovation is also the main theme of Allevo’s Sibos participation this year. And when I say this, I am referring of course to our FinTP project, our bold initiative to develop an open source application for financial transactions processing and to build a creative community around it.

Sounds interesting? You can visit our stand 3B11 in Hall 3 and our team will be more than happy to transform you into an advocate of open technologies and a supporter of FinTP. You can also hear more about it by participating at the Hyper-Economies session, tomorrow in the Innotribe space. You can read more on our site and you can even raise a discussion and share opinions on the FinTP Forum.

Coming back to the Innovation opening session – The tribe of the Tatami featuring Aiko Sato, judo world champion 2011 , probably the coolest session at Sibos, I have to say that, besides hearing about 4 principles of Innovation and seeing them exemplified in judo moves, I enjoyed listening to Kosta say that Innotribe is the sandbox of the industry. Also the concept of coconuts as a service was introduced :), speaking of innovation in India by Merico.

At the end of the day, I can say this was a lovely day. And it is not over yet, as we are preparing to go to the Sibos welcome reception. An occasion to say a friendly hello to the people we already know and to make new acquaintances. To get involved in various conversations and to share ideas and opinions on interesting topics.


Tomorrow’s preview:

Don’t miss Allevo’s session “Agile Financial Inclusion” in Community Room 2, between 09:15-10:30, to be part of a debate around the question If everyone’s already connected by the technology they own, then why not use it as a financial inclusion tool? and to discuss today’s hot topics: financial interoperability and open source.

Also, you can listen to Corina Mihalache talking about processing financial transactions in an open world, in the company of other distinguished panelists during the “Hyper-Economies” session, held in the Innotribe space, at 12:30-14:30.

Last but not least, don’t forget to stop by our booth 3B11, meet the team and get your special gift.


By: Ioana Moldovan

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