Elevator pitch for the board of BCR

InnovX managed to book one hour of the board of BCR’s time to sit listen to pitches of all 5 scale-ups. The format was a 60″ elevator pitch, in an actual elevator, a 60″ Q&A to the meeting room and 5′ Q&A with the board.

This below is our part, the complete footage is available on BCR’s Facebook page, under videos.

Caption for the pitch:

I am Ioana Guiman, one of the managing partners at Allevo. We are the plumbers of next generation corporate banking infrastructure.

As part of a project co-financed by the European Union, Allevo developed FinTPc. This application automates the processing of financial transactions.

Features include payment initiation and reconciliation between invoices and bank statements. We make use of the open banking setup to automate the communication between banks and corporates.

Allevo proposes a business model where banks distribute FinTPc to mid-sized companies.

This helps companies operate more efficiently and succeed with better financial management. Similar to larger corporates.

So, help me find these banks and their customers.

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