Three in one

Ending a challenging year and welcoming a better one….

We’re almost ready with the preparations for tomorrow’s BIS’ December Party. The whole team and families, a few guests and their families, we gathered a hundred persons in a big Restaurant Ballroom.

We’ll have a Three-in-One Party, one party for three items, all important for us, our 12th Anniversary, our traditional Christmas Party and our internal announcement of a near-future rebranding.• 12th Anniversary: there were 12 hard work & continuously growing years for BIS, in expertise, team, quality; you can see BIS’ brief history in one of our November posts here.

Christmas Party: as usual, all the kids (ten of them born since BIS was founded) will find Santa’s gifts under the Xmas Tree, then a String Quartet will sing us Christmas Carols and we’ll all enjoy the Holidays’ Season’s atmosphere

Internal announcement of rebranding: for the near future we plan finishing the long rebranding process we’ve embarked on; so, most probably, the second quarter of 2011 will bring us a new visual identity, as BIS is rebranding in Allevo; all the changes that outcome of this will be presented by our rebranding company.

We’ll also have a Three-in-One big anniversary cake to wish us all

“Many happy returns of the day” &
“A Happy New Year”
with the literally sweet image of our 12-yo well-known logo.

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