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We Made It On the European Business Awards Ones to Watch List



We proudly announce that Allevo has been named as "One to Watch" in Europe in a list of business excellence published by the European Business Awards and sponsored by RSM.



The category we were selected for is "Award for Innovation", which will go to the organization that can best demonstrate a recognition of the importance of innovation and a proven ability to create, nurture and develop product, service or business model innovations that substantially improve its commercial performance, operational effectiveness or prospects by bringing benefit to the organization, its customers and other stakeholders.


In our case, the innovation we're most proud of is the open source licensing model, which clearly differentiates us from the competition. Since our core financial services software, FinTP, addresses a very traditional and heavily regulated environment (banks, public administrations, financial institutions), the open source model we adopted in 2014 was a true act of courage.


In fact, in 2011 when we started the transition from the traditional licensing model to the GPL v3 open source license, customers did not fully understand the benefits of deploying an open source environment. Fortunately, this mentality has since changed, proving we were right in taking this approach when we did and consolidating our status as pioneers in the field of driving open source adoption in banking.


As a bonus, in 2017 we rolled out a new business strategy and also managed to access European funds aimed to develop an extension to FinTP for SMEs and corporations (FinOps Suite by its stage name), a benchmarking tool, and an automated testing tool.


As part of our strategy, we want to expand the customer base and sustain new product development. We are looking into new customer segments to diversify our solution portfolio, slowly moving to a flat organizational structure, comprised only of delivery, sales and support. This strategy correlated with the open source business model make Allevo stand out in the pool of software vendors out there.


Wish us luck for the next stage of the competition! We'll keep you up to date :)


Romanian Capital Gala



End of April comes with yet another award for Allevo. During the 2nd edition of the Romanian Capital Gala, a Finmedia event held on April 29th, 2013, we were proud to receive the diploma for "The sole zonal SWIFT certified partner, with 100% Romanian capital, dedicated provider of payment systems, business continuity and process management solutions and services, addressing corporate banking and treasury". Quite a long title, isn't it? Imagine having to translate it from Romanian into English :P Jokes aside, it was quite cool to be nominated as one of the Romanian capital champions.


Romanian Capital Gala Diploma


Besides the awards ceremony, the event presented itself as a debate on the future of inland capital and Romanian values. Business leaders, capital shapers, financers, lawyers, bankers, guarantee and counter guarantee funds representatives; they all had a saying in this. They talked about globalization, of course, about the importance of autochthonous capital in the key economic sectors and, as usual and expected, about changing economic paradigms and mentalities. Maybe, eventually, some of the good ideas specialists came up with along the way, will be put into practice.


Until then, we can still complain about the Romanian export declining every year (apparently only two Romanian companies were worth mentioning exporters in 2012: Dacia and Interagro, out of which Dacia is not even a Romanian based capital company). But hope is not lost, or at least this is the idea you get when hearing a well-known Romanian banker announcing to open a new bank.


Meanwhile, in this context, our going open source seems like the best idea ever :)

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