Whizzer project - wide dissemination with Transilvania IT Cluster

Thank you Transilvania IT Cluster for supporting this dissemination event for the results of the Whizzer project.
As said, it is going to be a very busy summer, the last mile for finalizing the application. An application useful for presenting business managers with information about their financial state. A user friendly xray of your company, so best decisions are made in no time.
It is also useful when speaking with investors, who first and foremost look at numbers in your balance sheet. Be prepared!

With Whizzer, SMEs gain access to critical informations very fast and get a friendly outlook on statement and annual financial report data.

We implement Whizzer with the support of Innovation Norway Romania (SMEs Growth Romania program via EEA & Norway Grants) total value EUR 740k, non-refundable: EUR 420k.

Main result:

An open source application (GPL v3 license) which offers SMEs financial operations as a service. A complex reporting tool which presents information about: balance sheet, salary payments, invoices, financial flows, accounts payable/receivable, cashflow reporting and forecast. The application can be hosted in cloud by a datacenter or an AISP entity, which provides the service to SMEs.

Until 2023 (compared to 2018) we will also obtain:

4 permanent jobs: one analist, one developer, one tester, one system engineer

Estimated turnover growth 28%

Estimated profit growth 66%.

Allevo partnered with Bakken & Baeck, a Norwegian based software boutique. Whizzer is built for SMEs with complex enough business to require automation, and insufficient resources to invest in big tech solutions.

Bakken & Baeck helped develop a reconciliation algorithm, used both in cash reporting and forecast, and in the accounts payable/receivable functionalities.


-Balance sheet report

-Financial forecast: liquidity or balance sheet

-Salary payments

-Invoice management

-Financial flow automation

Accounts payable and accounts receivable.

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