Sibos Day 5

Today was Sibos smart casual day, meaning we were more or less out of heels & monkey suits.
Not that many people around, but those who were inside the exhibition center were a lot more relaxed & warmer one towards another.
Even though everybody was anxious to catch the first plane home, those who couldn’t get by our booth during the 4 days real Sibos week, have stopped by today to get a better picture of our business focus & practices.
Before dismantling our booth we played a demanding Switzer-mania vs Ro-land fuss-ball match at our Italian neighbors. As it always happens, half won, half lost.
At least teams were mixed up, so neither country lost for real. But those holding the ball were happiest when faith turned the score 10 to 5.
Then after we cleared all our trails from HKCEC, dropped our notebooks at the hotel & rushed to enjoying Hong Kong.

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