Sibos Day 3

This was the busiest day (so far).
Apart from all pre-arranged meetings, lots of people dropped by to see what we’re up to this year around.

We split ourselves between stand, meetings & must-not-miss sessions & we could barely cover everything up.
I missed at least 2 conferences I would’ve loved attending. Will settle with today’s Sibos Issues for a short brief on the subject.
The highlight of the day was signing the targeted agency contract with SWIFT, meant to enhance delivery of complete messaging solutions to joint customers. The lines of business targeted are Workers’ Remittances, Bulk Payments, MACUG/SCORE, Cash Reporting, Exceptions & Investigations and Alliance Integrator.

All these solutions are available on our products on show at our home of the week (stand 3E13).
Demos of all these are available upon request, as well as any information upon the why & the how.

Horia Beschea, CTO, and Alain Raes, Chief Executive EMEA, have signed on behalf of BIS and SWIFT the agreement between the two parties under many flashes of lights at SWIFT’s booth.

We celebrated this new type of partnership by opening a few bottles of our “black maiden” wine, much appreciated by both those who already were fans of this sort of wine and by those who were trying it for the first time.


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