Sibos Day 0

Last night we climbed on top of Hong Kong with the famous Peak Tram. We hadn’t anticipated we’d have to wait in line as for a ride on the Space Mountain, but it was worth all our time. A really splendid view of HK from above.

As we were already starving by the time we finished shooting all of our pictures, we stopped at Zen’s ( right next to the Peak Tram ) & enjoyed some … ( fill in the blanks with words that match the picture ). Deserts however weren’t all that nice, we tried a couple, but did not like any in particular.

And as for Sibos day zero… we deported our CTO & our Operations Manager at the partners’ briefing (poor them, wearing suits in this heat…) As for us, we’ve done the final retouches needed for the space we’ll be proudly occupying in the days to come. And I can modestly say we’ve done a job worth at least a platinum medal – considering our skills in this line of business.
More people have started showing up today. Both for the partners’ lounge & for checking up their booths.
Fast track registration went on smoothly &, aside from the horrible neon bracelets, everything’s fine. Luckily we won’t be needing those as from tomorrow.

So… the rest of the day is dedicated to rest, town touring, dining &… relaxing before Day 1. That goes for the whole team, minus our CTO & Op. Manager who have to deal with swifties & partners until later this noon.

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