January 24- the day we publish the FinTP code


January 24 – the big day, the D day for us at Allevo. It is the day we publish the FinTP source code, the first open source application for processing financial transactions, the day we launch the community to support this project, FINkers United.

We’ll make the official announcement during the celebration event we are organizing this Friday, at Athenée Palace Hilton Bucharest and we are looking forward to enjoy the participation of professionals from the financial, banking and IT industries, individuals and institutions we gladly welcome in this financial thinkers agora.

With only a couple of days left until the event, I believe a short recall of what FinTP stands for is due. The FinTP project emerged once we became aware that technological evolution has put its mark on the payments arena as well: the banking payment systems and the related financial transactions processing tools have become a commodity and they should no longer be a competitive differentiator. Therefore, we felt the need for a new business frame, one being able to address the continuous downsizing of IT budgets (by substantially decreasing the initial capital investment and the operational costs), as well as to provide free access to knowledge and promote collaboration. The final goal is to achieve a new semantic standard for financial transactions – to ensure interoperability between industries and geographical areas. This is what led to the development of the first open source platform for financial transactions processing – FinTP.

Two years after the FinTP project was initiated and after a process involving not only the migration to open source, but also the company’s reorganization to accommodate the new business model, we are publishing the first release of the FinTP code, under GPL v3 license.

As we stated all along, the success of the FinTP project is highly dependent on the consolidation of the FINkers United community, a community formed by members of the banking and financial ecosystem, open to diverse professional profiles and meant to support and develop this platform. FINkers United is governed by generous and motivating principles, like high business ethics, collaboration, security, openness, agility and efficiency. We want this community to be active, cohesive and capable to sustain and grow the product. And this January 24 is the perfect occasion for it to attract more specialists.

So let’s start to: Create. Share. Inspire.


by: Ioana Moldovan

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