Be True to Yourself! Rebel If You Have To!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

The first time i heard the words “corporate rebels”, I was like “Wow! That sounds like a very cool concept”. But this was all I could articulate at that point, because I did not really know what exactly this was about. Normally, as it was something that really intrigued me, I started doing some digging. And it came as no surprise: the more I read, the more interested I was.

Like any true revolutionaries, the Corporate Rebels have a platform, a set of common principles that define who they are and what they stand for. And I’ll be damned if I did not feel like I carry the same DNA in my body. Cause what is wrong in saying you love your organizations and you want them to succeed? But in the same time to acknowledge that they do no longer serve your needs, that they cannot keep pace with a high-velocity, hyper-connected world and in a 21st century digitally native organizational culture. And what is wrong in wanting more? In wanting change and not stop at wanting; in trying to accelerate positive viral change from deep within the fabric of your organizations? In being brave enough to challenge the status quo, in daring to be great, in encouraging innovation and why not, in re-igniting the passion in your organizations? What is wrong in being yourselves and reclaiming your passion for work and doing something you believe in?

I was never very much affectionate to the traditional, pure corporate models, even though, along the way, I came to be part of some. Instead, what I like at Allevo, is that I feel “different”. I feel there’s room to breathe and create, to propose change, to bring something new that won’t be ignored just because it has not been done before. With a glimpse at what I just wrote before, these things seem nothing more, nothing less but logical, if I am to thing about Allevo and FinTP. Cause let’s be serious now: how many companies did you hear of to try to revolution the traditional banking products distribution model? Yeap, banking. How many companies take their industry proven, successfully implemented product and bring it in open source? And not in any area of expertise, but in the financial transactions world. Well, this is what Allevo is doing with FinTP, the first financial transactions processing open source platform. This was just a quick, between brackets mention for you to understand my words before were neither just idealistic, nor just unrealistic.

Furthermore, it brought me great joy to decide with Allevo to get actively involved in Corporate Rebels United. Can you imagine? Be a rebel within a company, in legality, and one with a cause. So, I guess if among the youngsters is cool to be a hipster, among corporate people is something a bit more than cool to be a corporate rebel; to be particular and do something significant at the same time. And to be taken seriously, as well. Because I sincerely hope that today’s corporate world and the individuals part of it, have evolved enough in order to spend more time on a revolutionary idea before impeaching the rebels. And with my positive thinking, I hope even further. I hope we have reached the point where innovation, in any area, can be understood and appreciated not only post mortem, like numerous examples in the art history. A rather exaggerate analogy, I know, but even an innovative movement can be mortal, just like any individual, if the world will not open to it.

Therefore, because along with other fantastic people, we want this movement to prevail, because we truly believe in Corporate Rebels United, we have become their hub for Romania. We thus unite with already existing hubs in New York, Madrid, Boston, San Francisco, Bangalore, Amsterdam, etc.

And I want to believe there are enough corporate rebels in our country as well; that innovation, courage, integrity, clarity of reason, brightness and great positive energy are values that more of us share. If so, be a corporate rebel with us. The “enrollment” list is now open at .

Our real illiteracy is our inability to createFriedensreich Hundertwasser


By Ioana Moldovan, 07 March 2013.


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