Announcing BIS’ Workshop Series - 2010 edition

As one of our readers, you know our Workshop Series last year was a very well received initiative, the increasing number of participants from corporate and financial institutions speaking for itself.

We had three sessions in June, one in October and one in November, when we have approached the SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) Initiative and the new European payment landscape; related themes were presented by our business experts and questions were answered.
The topics are more present than ever in the European financial market and they have developed, so we decided to continue the Workshop Series, starting February this year.

We might add, besides up-dates on SEPA Project and PSD provisions and implications, other interesting and ‘collateral’ subjects, such as the Bank – Corporate business over SWIFT channel, Anti Money Laundering, Workers Remittances, Cash Reporting, Exceptions and Investigations and… you name it.

We would very much appreciate your personal & professional contribution on the most interesting topics to be included in our planned workshops! Share with us your experience, your concerns and your questions.

We’ll make sure you’ll get answers!
See you in February!
(an invitation will be sent to each of you announcing the date and the agenda of the Workshop)

The planned workshops have one subject per month, you’ll be able to choose one of the two dates at your convenience:
February 2010 Thursday, 18th / Wednesday, 24th
March 2010 Thursday, 11th / Wednesday, 24th
April 2010 Thursday, 15th / Wednesday, 21st
May 2010 Thursday, 13th / Wednesday, 19th

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