Allevo at the Annual Payments Forum

Allevo was invited by the National Bank of Romania to moderate the “New technologies – trends, innovative tech solutions, new business models” panel, at the Annual Payments Forum.

The event marks an amazing step in the evolution of the financial services industry in Romania. The National Bank of Romania launched the Fintech Innovation Hub, a collaboration platform meant to bring together banks, fintechs and the regulator. This is a first on the local market and comes in to confirm that the fintech space in Romania is strong and growing and that beautiful things can happen when all players come together at the same table. And the fact that this initiative comes from the regulator is a truly wonderful thing that happened to this industry.

Video intro:

The panel was moderated by Ioana Guiman and on stage there were:

  • Sorin Cheran, Artificial Intelligence Chief Technologist HPE
  • Alberto Guidotti, Founder, Euronovate
  • Tudor Cristea, Regional Sales Manager, Palo Alto Networks
  • Cristian Pielescu, Founder, Convex Network
  • Ștefan Ionescu, Managing Partner,
  • Razvan Boldis, Founder & CEO, indexAR