Allevo at its 21st User Group

Allevo User Group reached yesterday the age of majority that states its adulthood anywhere around the world 🙂 As on 12.12.12, we gathered for the user group with number 21. Funny how the numbers aligned, isn’t it? Therefore, I would like to thank all our customers who have been by our side all this time, whose collaboration and suggestions helped us improve our products and services over the years.


Just to summarize in a few words: we talked about qPayIntegrator v3 and its implementation status within our customer base; we had a vivid discussion on current and future TransFonD SEPA projects (SCT, SDD and the implementation of settlement mechanism for RON using the SEPA scheme), engaging the TransFonD representatives who contributed by adding clarity and qualitative analysis to the business context. We have also presented the highlights of Allevo’s participation at Sibos Osaka this fall and last, but not least, we have laid down the updates and news concerning the FinTP project. We were proud to announce our customers, for the first time in an event, that Allevo has become a partner of EBRD‘s Enterprise Growth Programme, as a technical cooperation project in support of FinTP started this October.

Outlining the fact that the current users of qPayIntegrator will be the first actual users of FinTP, we expressed our hope for them to get actively involved in FINkers United, even from the early stages of the community. To strengthen this idea, we announced a FinTP Hackathon for spring 2013, aimed to make our customers’ developers get familiar and comfortable with the FinTP code and also to work as a true community. So, we’re counting on you 🙂

We are looking forward to see you at the 22nd User Group, where we will be able to share the results of the Hackathon. Until then, you can enjoy viewing some pictures from the event on Allevo Facebook page.

By: Ioana Moldovan

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