23rd User Group on the 23rd

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Not quite a tradition yet, but, just like in May, the day after the FinTP hackathon #2, we organized the Allevo User Group. The 23rd edition on 23.

And the reason behind it stays the same: we wanted to debate the ideas from this hackathon’s kick-off while they were still hot. And also to invite more developers from our customer banks to take part in this six weeks coding experience.

On this edition of the user group’s agenda we included:

  • qPI updates

Of course, qPI-SEPA was among the topics discussed, as

We also announced two new qPI features under analysis: qPI-TE transaction enrichment and SEPA corporate to bank qPI-C2B.

  • FinTP project status, including product development, community processes and the Hackathon #2

Andreea, our FinTP project manager, talked about the community principles

…about the community multi-facets structure, the development process roles and phases, the community process system, concluding that

After that it was Horia’s turn to go deeper into the product.

And to say what’s next:

And to talk about the kick-start of Hackathon #2

But not alone, as we had participants from the hackathon sharing their ideas and experience with the participants of the user group.

What was new? The automatic testing tool developed and presented by our colleague Andrei Bogza: a tool that will not completely replace testers, but will definitely increase the efficiency of the testing process.

Following this, we had the consultant session: Ruud van der Horst talking about FinTP and how it can address remittances and financial inclusion.

In the last part of the event, we shared our Sibos 2013 experience with everyone present: remembering the Gen Z Banking for People in the Innotribe tunnel, the success of our Financial Tribes of the Future community session, the interest raised by FinTP and many other I already wrote to you about.

Now, we are looking forward to the next UG, as next year, on top of celebrating 10 years of qPay Integrator, we’ll also hopefully expand the user group. But more details will come in due time.

Many thanks again to all participants for joining our user group discussions and helping us improve our customers’ experience.


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