Codefest with the Allevo Community

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A little bit more serious, but not necessarily less fun than the more famous beerfest, definitely supporting you to get smarter, not fatter, the codefest, also known as hackathon, is a chance to show you really know what you’re talking about when code is involved 🙂

And what better chance to prove your code “guru-ness” than on a type of application that has never and anywhere before seen the light of open source? And the #1 hackathon organized by Allevo will give you this chance.

What the “hack” am I talking about? Well, to put it simply, about the first FinTP hackathon. After the launch on May 24 last year, we focused on refining our strategy and improving the product, based on the valuable ideas we gathered from the first FINkers United community gathering. And after this great deal of work, we have now the courage to let you in our little castle, built out of bricks of code, hoping it can measure up to the most skilled developer’s expectations.

We’ve walked and walked its corridors, with our architects, designers, business analysts, developers, testers, project managers, version managers and so on. We’ve tried to remove all the skeletons from the closets, the dust beneath the carpets, the spider webs from the paintings :). And now we believe it is ready for its visitors. So we are going to prepare some guest rooms, for you, our brave code knights. Or should I rather say brained knights 🙂 No traps, no water ditching, no defense towers, no dragons to defeat. They may not be the most luxurious rooms of the castle, but every journey or adventure begins with one simple first step. Or in this case with one simple room.

But you are free to do everything in this room: rearrange it, redesign it completely, build on top of it and even try to break in the room without a key. Cause the theme of this programming marathon is none other than “let your imagination go wild”. We’ll give you our first API’s, an UDAL library and an interface API, that you can use for whatever crosses your mind.

So, this is an invitation to help us build and fortify a 21st century castle, an open castle. To help us design it as a viable alternative in the market, to the benefit of everyone in the community around it.

If you want to take on our challenge, just drop me an e-mail at (as you can participate by invitation only) and save the 15th of May in your calendar for this code quest. Or codefest 🙂

PS: More technical details coming soon.


By Ioana Moldovan, 23 April 2013.


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