3,2,1...It's a Go for Sibos Dubai 2013

Followed the news lately? Worried about all the tension in the Middle East? Well, not in Dubai. The city keeps its normal pace and not a slow one I might say; that is even augmented by the avalanche of Sibos attendees coming into Dubai to celebrate 35 years of Sibos.



I said an avalanche of people, right? Well not outside. Because I think even a heavy smoker would end up quitting if he had to go out in the hot, humid air of Dubai in September for every cigarette.

But we’re not here to talk about the weather, are we? We are here because it’s Monday morning and it is Sibos time! So, welcome to Sibos everyone!

Yesterday we’ve been taking care of final details before we can enjoy your company in our stand. The number is B97, by the way and we’ll be happy to have you there for a chat or a demo.


We’ve also had the final rehearsal for our little session in the Innotribe tunnel this morning. So, just take the “tube” to get on track with Gen Z Banking for People. It is all about improving the lives of so many people simply by using Gen Z technology and devices to link and automate the money flows that haven’t been able to keep pace with technology. The motto is do banking for the people, make it easy for them to send or receive money, make it cheap, make it safe and make it fast (real-time).

Financial inclusion and remittances are one of the big problems that emerged in the context of urbanization and globalization. We propose to you to take a model that is known to work in urbanized societies and in smart cities and to replicate and adapt it in rural areas. The delivery of pensions, small money transfers, unemployment aid can be done electronically and can save people a lot of bureaucracy, time and even money. On top it can save banks and governments a whole lot of money.

Sounds interesting? You can hear all about Gen Z Banking for People later today at 13:30 in the Innotribe tunnel. If you really can’t make it, I’ll try to tell you how it went later on today.

Until then, let’s have a great first day at Sibos! See u later.


PS: click here for a quick reminder of what Allevo brings at Sibos this year.



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