20 August 2018
Sneak Peek into Our Automated Testing Tool
Part of our EU-funded corporate treasury project, meet our FinTPc auto...
02 August 2018
SWIFT Trends for Autumn 2018 Events
With the summer holidays still at full speed, let’s take a quick loo...
16 July 2018
Top 7 Perks of Using the KYC Registry
Extensive documentation and testimonials aside, we captured for you th...
10 July 2018
Instant Payments through FinTP
FinTP-Instant is a new functionality of FinTP which connects back-offi...
28 June 2018
Corporate Account Reconciliation at Your Fingertips
Our corporate treasury solution – FinOps Suite* – is based on FinT...
08 June 2018
Money20/20 Key Takeaways
We’re back from Money20/20 Europe and here’s our synopsis:...
25 May 2018
Building a Bridge Between Banks and SMEs
Our recent focus on companies is based on the idea of replicating the ...
25 April 2018
FinOps Suite Building Blocks
Having FinTP as a starting point, FinOps Suite (our SMEs & corpora...
17 April 2018
Are You Ready For The New BIC?
The revised BIC standard (ISO 9362) approved in January 2014 is due fo...
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