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Back at Sibos this morning for Day 3, we had a very nice surprise. Following yesterday’s number of Sibos Issues where we had our advertorial promoting Allevo’s sessions, today we were all over the edition 🙂 The most important mention followed Allevo’s presence in the Hyper-Economies session within the Innotribe space. This session had also a great impact on participants as I saw a flow of tweets about it.


Another mention referred to our wine sessions, saying “Allevo proves without a shadow of a doubt Romanian wine rivals the best.”

Also, one of our CEO tweets ended up in the Found on Twitter #Sibos section of Sibos Issues.

After this, another busy day at Sibos, but I guess this is a pleonasm, as all the days at Sibos cannot be other than busy 🙂 Lots of meetings, interesting sessions, running demos, which lead to a lot of new connections, confidence, business opportunities and ideas. But this is what Sibos is about, isn’t it? This is what “being present” is all about.

The time seemed to fly (not only today) and it was in no second that was 5 o’clock in the afternoon, which means time for our already well known Romanian wine session.

Romanian wine session

I think we already set a tradition to change the 5 o’clock tea for a good Romanian wine. Well this year did not make any exception.

So, when the clock struck five, the wine started pouring in the glasses welcoming guests with its lovely aroma. Our little booth was filled with friends, partners and visitors enjoying the unique taste of our Special Reserve Feteasca Neagra as well as a more than welcomed moment of respiro and relaxation in the company of their peers.

Thank you to all who have come to Cin-Cin with Allevo.

Lucky draw

At the end of our wine session, the wonderful hand-made Romanian wall carpets, real pieces of artisan art and the albums depicting our superb Danube Delta have found their lucky new owners.

The happy winners were are: Ferreol Thouzeau, PNB Paribas, Joachim Berg, EFiS, Mario Reichel, Payment Group and Nicolas Cabioch, Alti

By: Ioana Moldovan


The Innotribe session was about the major cultural tectonic shifts that are underpinning and driving the hyper-connected economy and are the under-stream of deep organizational changes.

The panel

Mr. Michel Bauwens, Founder, P2P Foundation

Ms. Corina Mihalache, Director Business Analysis, Allevo

Mr. Mark Pesce, Founder, Future Street

Mr. Peter Vander Auwera, Innovation Leader, SWIFT

debated for two hours, between 12:30 and 14:30, on topics like the birth of new economies based on hyper-connected organizations, exposure of core competence through APIs, horizontal sourcing versus vertical integration,  Peer-To-Peer (P2P) sharing of data, Open Source developments, and activated humans that act from their true selves and lead into a new practice for value creation.

Corina, our own igniter (Innotribe‘s name for “speakers”), talked about our project FinTP, but I guess you are already familiar with it. Just as a short reminder: the innovative idea to develop the first open source application for financial transactions processing and with a niche community around it, which we chose to name FINkers United.

She also presented in premiere a short movie from FINkers United, the launching event of FinTP.

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And not to forget, the Romanian community at Sibos has dinner together tonight. We’ll have a great time, even if we had to promise our CEO not to try the poisonous blow-fish delicacy.

Tomorrow’s preview:

Continuing its Sibos tradition, Allevo is organizing at our stand 3B11, the already well-known Romanian wine session and the lucky draw. Be there at 17:00 to delight your senses with the unique taste and flavor of a special Romanian wine and to be one of the lucky winners that gets a piece of traditional Romanian art, one of the beautiful hand-made wall carpets or one of the superb Danube Delta albums.

We are also waiting for you with presentations & demos ready to roll. Our latest pitches comprise solutions for banks, corporations, micro-finance institutions, public administrations and the open source community. With a focus this year on remittances, reconciliation and of course on our new open software distribution project FinTP, you don’t wanna be a stranger 🙂

For those of you who did not get their giveaway yet, now it’s a good chance.

By: Ioana Moldovan


Allevo helps pharmaceutical group A&D Pharma get full control over its business flows


Using Allevo’s solution qPI-TIPc and Microsoft BizTalk Server, A&D Pharma enjoys the advantages of a centralized management of financial operations.

Allevo, in a joint effort with A&D Pharma’s IT and business employees, as well as Microsoft BizTalk Server-Certified Professionals, has reached the final implementation stage of its qPayIntegrator-TIPc (qPI-TIPc) solution in the pharmaceutical company back in 2012.

The solution, designed to complement A&D Pharma’s ERP systems, provides them with a single interface for the payments management of all the group’s entities, monitoring and reporting, regardless of the bank they are using.

By providing centralized management of financial operations, Allevo’s qPI-TIPc solution enables A&D Pharma to mitigate operational risks due to duplicate payments detection, eradication of human errors or fraud in bank’s interfaces access. qPI-TIPc is able to process domestic and international payment instructions – from the initiation to the reconciliation with the bank statement, to generate relevant reports and statistics by having a single view of all payment instructions in one application window. Using Microsoft BizTalk Server, the platform benefits from the high performance, scalability and reliability this technology has to offer.

“Providing integrated payment solutions is essential in lowering risk and providing efficiency and reliability in the financial supply chain,” said Colin Kerr, industry solutions manager, worldwide financial services at Microsoft. “Corporate treasuries and banks around the world are benefiting from the performance and low cost of ownership of BizTalk Server for financial messaging. We are excited to support Allevo’s development of solutions that simplify payments management and operations.”

“By implementing and using qPI-TIPc solution, A&D Pharma will not only gain full control of its business flows and financial operations, but will also benefit from strong operational risk containment for its business lines”, says Dan Anghelescu, Operations Director Allevo.


Sibos Issues preview photo

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cerc allevo 1Sibos Issues – Tuesday Edition (you can find us on page 14)

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3. FINANCIAL SERVICES CLUB Blog by Chris Skinner (you can find us in The best giveaways of Sibos 2012, with the Allevo Romanian wine and panpipes)



cerc allevo 1Press Release: Allevo Takes Financial Transactions Processing Into the World of Open Distribution

cerc allevo 2Press Release: Allevo Enables Banks to Address Person-To-Person Payments with qPI-Remit

cerc allevo 3Press Release: Allevo Takes qPayIntegrator To V3

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cerc allevo 2Press Release: Allevo Supports the Ministry of Public Finance of Romania To Be Ready for SEPA

cerc allevo 3Press Release: Allevo and CEC Bank Awarded By e-Finance

cerc allevo 1Press Release: With Allevo’s Support, CEC Bank Is Ready for SEPA



cerc allevo 2Press Release: Allevo Helps Micro-finance Institution Musoni Go Multi Country and Multi Entity Ready

cerc allevo 3Press Release: Allevo Helps Pharmaceutical Group A&D Pharma Get Full Control over Its Business Flows




cerc allevo 1Allevo Takes Financial Transactions Processing Into the World of Open Distribution

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Go! The first day of Sibos 2012!

Oh my God, what an atmosphere. I think I forgot to mention that for me, unlike Allevo and my other colleagues, this is the first Sibos. So you can imagine the feeling I had, seeing so many people roaming around the halls of Intex Osaka, all looking exquisite. Of course, I have been to a lot of other conferences, even worldwide conventions, but I guess they just don’t compare to Sibos. I guess you could say that, during Sibos, Intex Osaka looked like an actual metropolis 🙂

No more and no less than 32 sessions available at Sibos today. Having to choose, I must admit that the Innovation Opening and the ones from Innotribe’s space are most appealing to me, as innovation is also the main theme of Allevo’s Sibos participation this year. And when I say this, I am referring of course to our FinTP project, our bold initiative to develop an open source application for financial transactions processing and to build a creative community around it.

Sounds interesting? You can visit our stand 3B11 in Hall 3 and our team will be more than happy to transform you into an advocate of open technologies and a supporter of FinTP. You can also hear more about it by participating at the Hyper-Economies session, tomorrow in the Innotribe space. You can read more on our site and you can even raise a discussion and share opinions on the FinTP Forum.

Coming back to the Innovation opening session – The tribe of the Tatami featuring Aiko Sato, judo world champion 2011 , probably the coolest session at Sibos, I have to say that, besides hearing about 4 principles of Innovation and seeing them exemplified in judo moves, I enjoyed listening to Kosta say that Innotribe is the sandbox of the industry. Also the concept of coconuts as a service was introduced :), speaking of innovation in India by Merico.

At the end of the day, I can say this was a lovely day. And it is not over yet, as we are preparing to go to the Sibos welcome reception. An occasion to say a friendly hello to the people we already know and to make new acquaintances. To get involved in various conversations and to share ideas and opinions on interesting topics.


Tomorrow’s preview:

Don’t miss Allevo’s session “Agile Financial Inclusion” in Community Room 2, between 09:15-10:30, to be part of a debate around the question If everyone’s already connected by the technology they own, then why not use it as a financial inclusion tool? and to discuss today’s hot topics: financial interoperability and open source.

Also, you can listen to Corina Mihalache talking about processing financial transactions in an open world, in the company of other distinguished panelists during the “Hyper-Economies” session, held in the Innotribe space, at 12:30-14:30.

Last but not least, don’t forget to stop by our booth 3B11, meet the team and get your special gift.


By: Ioana Moldovan


After a lovely walk around Kita and a delicious dinner in the “nation’s kitchen”, as Osaka used to be referred to in the feudal period, today we are up and ready to make Allevo’s stand at Sibos among the most welcoming for our guests.

How to recognize our stand? Here’s a preview of what you are looking for. You can’t miss it 🙂

And to make it even easier for you to get there:

After a few hours work and some fun with the team, we are ready for you. The booth is set up, the giveaways neatly arranged awaiting their future owners, Allevoers eager to show visitors our solutions and to talk to you about our new project FinTP which gravitates around the idea to develop the first open source application for financial transactions processing and to build a creative, niche community around it, which we chose to name FINkers United.

Just a few more hours until Sibos official start. See you tomorrow 🙂

For those who could not make it to Osaka, you can check Allevo on Virtual Sibos, the cool platform designed specifically for those interested to keep an eye on Sibos over the internet. It is open to all Sibos attendees, both virtual and physical participants and it provides a showcase of all the conference sessions, speakers, forums, as well as all the exhibitors and their collaterals. So visit Allevo on the virtual Exhibition Hall.

Visit Allevo virtual stand to learn more on the company itself & its portfolio, on the FinTP project (the comprehensive vision & scope of the project is available for download) and to browse the PRs collection.

You can also stay tuned to the updates on Allevo’s blog or follow our stream on Twitter.



By: Ioana Moldovan

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