Romanian presence at SIBOS 2009 – Hong Kong

“Romania was represented at this event by a delegationconsisting of National Bank of Romania, Romanian Banks Association,Transfond SA and SC BIS SRL representatives. Within SIBOS, SC BISSRL had its own booth in which they’ve promoted services offered bythe Romanian company to Asian banks which plan to open branches inSouth-Eastern Europe. The message built by the Romanian company hasfocused on presenting a financial chain consisting of: solutionvendor (BIS) ? central public institution ? credit institution, toshow the compliance of payments activities and SEPA EPC (EuropeanPayment Council) regulated initiative, through BIS’ solution forcredit institutions, corporates and governmental institutions.Central highlights were the adoption of BIS solution by Romanianpublic institutions in order to adhere to SEPA, with thepossibility of exporting this project to other EU countries, withpositive effects on both harmonizing the European paymentsenvironment and Romanian visibility enrichment.”

The whole story was published on the Romanian Exterior Commerce Portal (inRomanian language) and it is also available for download.