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qPayIntegrator coded qPI, our core product that provides centralized real-time processing of financial transactions exchanged between the back-office(s) and diverse market infrastructures, enabling high level of STP for financial institutions and corporations. The scalable payment engine ensures data format translation of messages (according to their destination/source, like TARGET2, SEPA, national or regional payments infrastructures etc.), as well as message routing (depending of the established business rules) to the back-office systems and the corresponding gateways to different networks.

And its developments:

cerc allevo 1qPI-Remit end-to-end remittance processing solution thatdeals with the collection, processing and distribution of remittances. Based on SEPAReady certified qPayIntegrator payments system, it ensures: support for all payment instruments, business risk containment (accounting reconciliation, AML filtering) and outstanding reports (liquidity reporting, competitive reporting). The solution covers the bank’s business& operations area and the distribution channel.

cerc allevo 2qPI-ReconS – either a stand-alone product or an optional feature of qPayIntegrator that provides NOSTRO/VOSTRO automatic accounts reconciliation, intraday liquidity reports and integrated exception management, with exception memorizing to maximize automatic reconciliation. It provides: ledger vs. statement reconciliation (NOSTRO); payments vs. statement reconciliation (VOSTRO); automatic or user-driven reconciliation; intraday liquidity reports; investigation features and a rich set of reporting templates for a thorough operations control.

cerc allevo 3qPI-TIPc – the transaction integration platform intended for companies, ensuring seamless SWIFT and other external interfaces integration with the corporation ERP(s).

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