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  • Achieving SWIFT Service Partner level
  • Training and certifying specialists on SWIFTAlliance Access / SWIFTAlliance Entry, SWIFTAlliance Gateway and SWIFTNet migration
  • Laying ground for the strategic partnership with SWIFT
  • Celebrating 5 years of activity
  • Designing qPayIntegrator (payment hub), initially used to connect banks and financial institutions to the national payments infrastructure
  • Starting to provide SWIFT services in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Exhibiting at SWIFT Regional Conference in Central and Eastern Europe, Bucharest
  • Participating for the first time at SOFE (SWIFT Operations Forum – Europe), organized in Antwerp, Belgium


  • Launching the Debit Instruments feature ofqPayIntegrator
  • Launching FMA v2
  • Receiving FinMedia e-Impact Award for corporate-to-banksolutions – MACUG
  • SWIFTNet Phase2 migration for financial institutions in CEEregion
  • Releasing BIS’ contribution to banking projects of1998-2006“, a collection of all published articles andpresentations
  • Certifying SWIFT experts on: TARGET2, EUCLID, CashReporting, Bulk Payments SEPA, Funds, SWIFTAllianceRMA
  • Enrolling in the SWIFTReady SEPAcertification programme forqPayIntegrator
  • Improving customer support throughService Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Exhibiting at SOFE (SWIFT Operations Forum -Europe)


  • Exhibiting at Sibos 2009 Hong Kong
  • Exhibiting at EBAday 2009 Vienna
  • Receiving the FinMedia e-Support Award forqPayIntegrator, a SWIFTReady SEPAsolution
  • Achieving CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration)Level2
  • Re-certifying qPayIntegrator asa SWIFTReady Application for SEPA
  • Designing the Workers’ Remittances feature ofqPayIntegrator, a cost effective paymentsolutions for remittances management
  • Designing a version of qPayIntegrator for AllianceLite, a corporate treasuries financial transactions consolidationsolution
  • Participating at SOFE (SWIFT Operations Forum -Europe), La Hulpe, Belgium
  • Relocating and expanding the executiveoffice


  • Exhibiting at Sibos 2010 Amsterdam
  • Exhibiting at EBAday 2010 Luxembourg
  • Participating at SOFE (SWIFT Operations ForumEurope)
  • Receiving the FinMedia e-Support Award 2010 for theAML filtering solution
  • Passing the technical and functionalvalidation for qPayIntegrator suitewithin the SWIFT certification programme SWIFTReadyWorkers’ Remittances
  • LaunchingqPayIntegrator version destined fora micro-financing institution (Dutchcustomer)
  • Launching the AML transactionsfiltering feature ofqPayIntegrator
  • Designing PAYaaS, a hosted managed service for banks& corporate financial transactions management
  • Starting the rebranding process with a view tobuild an image more consistent with the company’s philosophy,values and aspirations





  • Received the e-payments recognition at eFinance Awards Gala
  • Sorina Bera was awarded for her professional activity in IT at the Successful Women in IT&C Gala
  • EBAday Milan exhibitor
  • Participated with speaker at prestigious local events: Digital Banking,  Retail Banking, The Banking Summit, The future of electronic payments, the Romanian Banking Forum
  • Two Allevo User Group events
  • Exhibitor at Sibos 2016 Geneva with an open theatre session about The Trendsetter Bank
  • SWIFT Business Forum Romania 2016 keynote
  • Workshop event for banks in the Republic of Moldova
  • Eximbank selected Allevo open-source FinTP to achieve SEPA compliance

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