Innotribe Session

Innotribe tunnel

Gen Z Banking for People -Innotribe Tunnel

Monday September 16th13:30

Not paying somebody’ssalary or pension on time, whether this happens due to anunexpected power failure or to poor operations, causes instantfrustration to the underbanked person.

This is a scenario thatfrequently happens in less developed or rural areas, where money ifoften delivered by means formed at the beginning of the20th century and which, by design, allows errors anddelays to occur.

The high cost andreliability of traditional distribution – a combination of trucksof money, post offices, delivery personnel – can very easily bereplaced by today’s technology and by using right kind oftool.

This session willreveal a tool that centrally processes all financial transactionsusing industry standards, capable of creating an end-to-ende-corridor from the treasury of any financial institution, past theinterbank low payments infrastructure and all the way to theultimate receiver, who does not have to have a bank account.Financial inclusion is possible because of Gen Ztechnology.

Please see related information inthe Innotribe Conference programme (page3) and on the sibos page.

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