BIS Enables Banks and Corporates to Prepare for SEPA and TARGET 2 with qPayIntegrator

Hong-Kong, September 14, 2009

Business Information Systems (BIS) announcedtoday at Sibos 2009 that qPayIntegrator, its centralizedpayment hub, has received the SWIFTReady SEPA 2009recertification.

qPayIntegrator utilizesMicrosoft technology to help cement commitment to industrystandards.

In order to achieve the 2009 SWIFTReadyrecertification, BIS, in conjunction with Microsoft, successfullycompleted the qPayIntegratormigration onto Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for SWIFT, providingSEPA credit transfer and direct debit, as well as EURO high valueand urgent payments. Additionally, qPayIntegrator business features weremigrated, providing for multiple payments, direct debit and debitinstruments support, workers’ remittances, liquidity management,continuous Nostro/Vostro reconciliation, exception investigation,duplicate detection, native real-time resilience, traffic reportingand analysis, possible money laundering detection andinvestigation.

“Banks and other financial institutions are faced with a dauntingchallenge – a multitude of applications and systems that need to beintegrated with customers, partners and external financialnetworks,” says Susan Hauser, vice president, Worldwide FinancialServices, Microsoft. “To address this integration complexity and tosimplify the process, BizTalk Accelerator for SWIFT extends theBizTalk Server environment to provide the most comprehensive,reliable and secure delivery of financial messaging using SWIFTformats and SWIFTNet for the benefit of our partners such as BIS,and our customers in the financial services industry.”