Allevo Session


BOOST – Banking On Open Source Today

Tuesday 30 September, Conference Room 1 16:00 ÷ 17:00

There are a lot of relevant applications of open source principles and models in healthcare, education, art, food and beverages, electronics, science and engineering, robotics, car manufacturing, governments and last, but not least, computer software. Banks, being renowned as very cautious institutions, have just recently started to look into the potential of open source software for parts of their IT infrastructures and to adopt open strategies, like publishing open APIs for developers to use. This is just the beginning of an inherent change the financial services ecosystem is about to experience. Connected devices that can talk to one another, super computers with intelligence to analyze huge chunks of data, in short, the internet of everything, are just a few of the things that started to give banks and financial institutions a gentle nudge. So the question we ask is what does banking on open source look like? Both from an adoption of open solutions perspective and from that of doing banking relying on open source principles.

The foundation for the discussion is based on approaching less the technological side and mostly the values of the open source philosophy: free cultural successes sharing, free (business) competition, cooperation in non-differentiating operations area, and business ethics.



cub Mircea Mihaescu, Director Technology Research Center, Sberbank, Russia

cub Mr. Matteo Rizzi, Partner, SBT Venture Capital, Belgium

cub Mr. Radu Gratian Ghetea, President CEC Bank, Romania

cub Ms. Corina Mihalache, CEO, Allevo, Romania

cub Mrs. Rodica Tuchila, Director Romanian Banking Association, Romania


The Banking On Open Source Today panel will debate on:

sir cuburi bringing efficiency in the financial services supply chain,

sir cuburi the impact of the technology progress on individuals’ and corporates’ business,

sir cuburi traditional and crypto-currencies,

sir cuburi the market segmentation, structuring and practice for different financial instruments,

sir cuburi new entrants and established credit institutions perspectives,

sir cuburi ethically enhancing the customers’ experience,

sir cuburi will Internet of Things/Everything become next frontier for financial services?

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