Piata Financiara – The Specialist’s Opinion by Allevo 2016

Allevo has been covering in each issue of Piata Financiara the section “Specialist’s Opinion”.

Here are the articles published in 2016 (note: text is in Romanian).

The articles published in 2012, 2013 and 2014 can be found here, while those published in 2015 are here.

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On November 15, we organized the 29th edition of Allevo User Group Meeting. As we are approaching the end of the year, the discussions were focused on projects ran by Allevo in 2016, plans for 2017, the partnership with SWIFT and information about two new initiatives for the Romanian banking system: EBICS and Earthport.

Specialists from the Romanian banking market gathered at the 19th edition of the Romanian Banking Forum organized by FinMedia and the Romanian Banking Association to talk about the local banking system and find solutions to the challenges that are impacting the market and look for new opportunities.

Allevo was partner at this important event of the local market and was represented by Sorina Bera, CEO Allevo, who joined the digital session of the forum. She spoke about the relationship between banks and FinTechs and she supported the idea of cooperation between this two institutions.

On November 15, we organized the 29th edition of Allevo’s User Group Meeting.



As we are approaching the end of the year, the discussions were focused on Allevo’s projects in 2016, our plans for 2017, the partnership with SWIFT and information about two initiatives new for the Romanian banking system: EBICS and Earthport.

We announced new customers who implemented our open source solution, FinTP: EximBank, Garanti Bank and Encot. SEPA was one of the most debated project of 2016, as all banks have become compliant as of 31 October 2016.

We will continue to promote our Banking On Open Source Technologies solution, to automate flows for corporate treasuries and to streamline their relationship with banks. Plans for the future also include making new partnerships and researching technological options – open source technologies, blockchain, Ripple, Ethereum and so on. We are keeping an eye on PSD2 and instant payments and assessing impact on the local banking system.

Workshop Moldova, November 10th 2016


Allevo gathered on November 10th the Moldavian banking community in a workshop event about banking on open source technologies in Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova.

Our focus was to present Allevo’s solutions that can streamline the operations of the Moldavian banking system. We invited local banks to show how our solution designed specifically for them can improve their operations. It was also an event that helped us to find out how Allevo can help the banking system in Moldavia, what are their needs and what are they looking from a solution provider.

Many thanks for the warm welcome and for helping us run a great workshop event to help optimize local banking systems! We are looking forward to coming back very soon.


Under the umbrella of „Challenges and opportunities for the financial and banking industry”, the Romanian Banking Association and SWIFT, with the support of Allevo organized the 7th edition of SWIFT Business Forum Romania, on October 26 2016 in Bucharest.


The agenda of the event included a perspective on the Romanian banking system, payments infrastructure developments, financial services on open technologies, the next level for payments in Europe and the SWIFT 2020 Strategy. Also, among other subjects presented by SWIFT representatives were: SWIFT for corporates, SWIFT compliance services overview, future of standards – ISO 20022 adoption or SWIFT on distributed ledger technologies.


The event was dedicated to the management and the people from the operational departments, payments and settlements departments, IT & C, treasury, capital markets and compliance from the credit institution, financial investment companies, issuers of financial instruments and clients from the financial&banking institutions.


Sorina Bera, Allevo CEO, was invited to speak about financial services on open technologies. In her speech she highlighted the importance of the collaboration between banks and FinTechs. Banks must further open up their ecosystem in order to integrate the innovative capacities of FinTechs. Banks should not invest their best resources on back-office infrastructures and should spend on software that makes profit she said. She also spoke about FinTP our one open source solution for processing payments and compliance.


More details and full presentations here: http://www.arb.ro/swift-business-forum-romania-editia-vii/

Sorina Bera, CEO Allevo was invited to talk about the trendsetter bank at this year’s edition of The future of electronic payments event. As in previous years, Allevo was partner at the event organized by Oxygen Events on October 20, with the support of the Romanian Banking Association (RBA), ANSSI and CERT-RO.

The subjects debated on this edition were about the banks of the future, one that sets trends and becomes a model for the banking industry, the integrated market of electronic payments in Europe, new rules and European initiatives, PSD2, cybersecurity digital Identity, security & on-line fraud and banking&financial services in  the digital era.

Sorina Bera, CEO Allevo spoke in the first panel of the event debating about the bank of the future and exposed our company vision around the trendsetter bank. In her opinion, this is a bank that pleases and surprises its customers and it is trusted because it complies with regulations. In the back-end, it has completely automated its internal workflows and it is agile and flexible enough to quickly integrate new technologies. It prefers open source technologies, eliminating the proprietary factor from the equation. This is what enables it to focus on delivering state of the art services to its customers.




EBAday 2016

This year event organized in Milan, put in the spotlight hot topics of the payments industry agenda under the umbrella: “A brave new world for payments – the future of European payments industry”.

Allevo exhibited at EBAday and promoted a feature built specifically for SEPA compliance. Built over FinTP, the SEPA feature is designed for improving financial operations of banks and corporations. This solution covers two potential scenarios: FinTP installed at the bank’s premises or FinTP installed at the premises of each business customer of the bank.

Mainly, the SEPA feature ensures the processing of payment initiation instructions (pain.001) of corporate treasuries, corresponding to the business flows specific to their relation with financial service providers.

We also continued to attract interest in FinTP’s open source community, FINkers United. It is focused on improving the processing of financial transactions by using on open source applications.

One of the first fintechs to share its financial transactions processing application on the open source network, trendsetting Allevo is poised to expand its operation, as CEO Sorina Bera explains.


Full article here: Fintech Finance

SEPA has been a long debated subject in the financial sector almost for 10 years now. Although SEPA implementation in Euro countries is now considered a done deal, there still are holes and gaps that can be improved in non-euro members of the EU. On a paved road, now it is time for banks and corporates from non-euro countries to comply with this standard for processing payments requests.

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