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Allevo User Group – 30th Edition, November 16, 2017


On November 16, we organized the 30th edition of Allevo’s User Group Meeting.



Since this year is coming to an end, with 2018 already knocking on all our doors, the User Group presentation started with a focus on Allevo's projects - past and future, our partnership with SWIFT, as well as the solutions we provide for the newly-regulated financial environment (PSD2, Instant Payments, GDPR).


In short, we talked about:

- SWIFT's Customer Security Programme and the mandatory upgrade of SWIFT 7.2

- the opportunities of the Instant Payments project and our future launch of FinTP Instant

- our EU-funded treasury project for SMEs and corporates: TOSS project => FinOps Suite

- GDPR compliance

- our PSD2 approach with FinTP Connect

- the banking conference we held in Chisinau this October.


Our greatest achievement of the year was the EU-funded TOSS project, started on August 16th, with an implementation period of 2 years. Besides developing an open-source application suite dedicated to SMEs and corporate treasuries (FinOps Suite by its business name), Allevo will also redesign its 2 portals as part of this project, and will develop an automated testing tool, as well as a benchmarking tool.





All in all, 2017 was a busy year for us, with a lot of new projects on our plate (including upgrades and renewed certifications), but what's to come is even bigger and of interest to all.


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