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BIS Workshop Series 2010 – No. 2

Payments Systems, Cash Management and IT Departments representatives, mostly from Financial Institutions, directly involved in the project, received from our business analysts the latest news on SEPA, milestones settled and known this far. For more details read our blog article.


User Group 16

BIS' conference room guested the 16th edition of the Users Group event.

We gathered the member-institutions of BIS' solutions Users Group and we were honored also by the participation of representatives from the Romanian Banking Association, TransFonD and a partner solution provider acting in the European market. Our partner solution provider's presentation, Swissrisk, is available upon request.


1. Cristina Cioroboiu ( BIS ) - SWIFT Standards, EPC & TransFond regulations

2. Dan Anghelescu ( BIS ) - Licensing risk & BIS projects

3. Grigore Cioroboiu ( BIS ) - PAYaaS

4. Corina Mihalache ( BIS ) - qPayIntegrator AML filtering feature

5. Liliana Dafinca ( SwissRisc Financial Systems ) - FinTRACE

6. Conclusions



BIS Workshop Series 2010 – No. 3

Financial-Banking Experts, representatives of Compliance, New Products & Channels and Retail Departments from several banks honored our invitation to attend. The presentations prepared by our business analysts addressed the two main announced themes but they also led to other subjects of interest. For more details read our blog article.


BIS Workshop Series 2010 – No. 4

The announced subjects gathered banks and corporates representatives, CFOs and departmental managers from: Treasury, Transactions & Operations, Cash management. We've been honored by the presence of our SWIFT Country Manager and the ANEIR's Counselor (Romanian Exporters and Importers National Association).

The presentations delivered by our business analysts and by the Senior Account Director from SWIFT on these themes were the starting point of interesting discussions.

For more details read our blog article.




User Group 17

Our conference room seemed too small for this Users Group meeting, at its 17th edition. Member-institutions representatives of BIS' solutions Users Group, of TransFonD and consultants had a rich agenda. Beside the usage report for the period since the previous UG (April-August), financial market's latest information, we had interesting demos and presentations from our team. See attached a few onsite photos.


1. Sorina Bera ( BIS ) - Software services support report

2. Corina Mihalache ( BIS ) - SWIFTReady Workers' Remittances

3. Cristina Cioroboiu ( BIS ) - SWIFT standards 2011 upgrade

4. Dan Anghelescu ( BIS ) - Exhibiting at Sibos 2010

5. Sorin Guiman ( BIS ) - qPayIntegrator future developments

6. Grigore Cioroboiu ( BIS ) - PAYaaS demo

6. Mihai Guiman ( BIS ) - qPayIntegrator automated testing


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