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Allevo User Group – 26th Edition, May 26, 2015

Allevo User Group 26


On May 26, we organized the 26th edition of Allevo’s User Group Meeting.

The discussions were focused around four major topics:

  • Maintenance 2015 - change requests, standards, prerequisites and patches
  • Initiatives and projects - SDD RUM, SEPA Euro, SEPA Corporate-to-Bank, Target2, Standards, Instant payments
  • Events 2015 - Allevo at EBAday in Amsterdam this year, Allevo's campaigns in Germany and the Adriatic region (Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia)
  • Updates on FinTP and FINkers United



16 Years of Allevo

As we are not stuck on round numbers, this year we celebrated 16 years of Allevo. So we invited our customers, our partners and our team members, in a word, our friends, to join us in these moments of rejoicing.

The event was a chance to catch up, to exchange ideas, to remember pleasent moments spent together.

Read more about Allevo at sweet 16 on our blog.



Allevo User Group – 25th Edition, November 18, 2014


UG 25


This Tuesday, we organized the 25th edition of Allevo’s User Group. This time, the discussions were focused on feature updates like CDD and RUM for 2015, application updates, Allevo’s interests, including Sibos in Boston and last but not least on our new project BOOST (Banking On Open Source Technologies) and the FINkers United community.


Read more impressions from the User Group on the blog.



Allevo Workshop For Micro-Finance Institutions - October 28, 2014


Following our success story with Musoni, we believe we could help more Micro-Finance Institutions (MFI) improve their operations. That’s why we thought of organizing a dedicated workshop and on October 28, we did that.


The workshop's agenda included: the presentation of Dutch consultant Ruud van der Hoorst, having a closer look at microfinance from different perspectives: credits, deposits, money transfers and insurance, also showing them by comparison between MFI and normal; the presentation showing the Musoni study case and the presentation of Allevo's solution.


You can read more about the event on our blog.


Don’t forget, if you are a Micro-Finance Institution in search for a solution to optimize your operations and you missed our workshop this week, just contact us.



Allevo User Group – 24th Edition, April 10, 2014

UG 24


It did not come as a surprise that the main actors at the 24th edition of our User Group were SEPA for the first half and our FinTP project for the second half. In supporting roles we had Support, Customer Support (optimizing the services), Survey (the customer survey we did with Microsoft), Maintenance (implementing additional security), SWIFT Partnership (the SWIFT campaigns we are running), Industry Events (the importance of being present at conferences like Sibos, EBAday, etc), Corporate Rebels (open invitation to be a part of this movement empowering true change).

Read more impressions from the User Group on the blog.


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