Support and Maintenance

Allevo provides software services :

1. Allevo products (FinTP, qPayIntegrator, Esfera, FMA)

Third party products (from BMC, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SWIFT)

The support services are packaged in three alternative options (bronze, silver, gold) and are delivered remotely. On-site service delivery is negotiable.



Allevo online HelpDesk service

No included cases

Allevo online HelpDesk service

3 included cases per month

Assigned contact person

Unlimited cases per month

Enhanced incident resolution time

The different support packages can be picked to fit the needs of every individual business. Please contact our team for more details on Allevo’s services offering:




Monthly proactive support

Environment health check

System status and suggested actions report

Customer intervention tracking

Custom support

Remote interventions (all that apply):


analysis and diagnosis

incident reproduction on Allevo environments

temporary or final solution suggestion

delivering the solution on the test platform

assistance for solution testing and validation

solution promotion on the production environment

Solution test scenarios

Assistance requests for historical (at least 60 days old) incidents

Customer platform administration

Additional documentation

Information or guidance requests for provided documentation

Special support services (on an yearly basis))

Technical or business consultancy

Business continuity assistance

Software optimization

Underlying software upgrade consultancy

Backup policy or strategy consultancy

Configuration management

Version management

Note: stands for included services and blanks mean these services are optional and can be contracted on a one by one basis. Packages differ from one another through SLA terms.

For its own products Allevo ensures a full range of maintenance services, from providing limited user support, repairing malfunctions, publishing new versions or releases, the right to use any patches (corrections or modifications) or any new releases, up to compliance to industry regulations and standards.


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