State Treasuries: Payment Flows Optimization and Public Debt Management

The Allevo Payment Flows Optimization and Public Debt Management solution for state treasuries and public administrations offers financial interoperability with the business community, local and global regulatory compliance.

Solution highlights:

‒      Public debt business automation through settlement of treasury bonds on all trade phases

‒      Payments of wages and pensions in compliance with SEPA regulations

‒      Financial management of structural funds, including a business group managed by the State Treasury scenario.

FinTP has the capability to play multiple roles in the financial business of a Public Administration:

‒      Bridge between the global banks’ secure network (SWIFTNet) and the Government secure national network, performing format conversion and business flow mapping. FinTP acts as a financial integrator of various public institutions, automating their flows and consolidating their operations.

‒      Interoperability gateway with the banking community and financial market infrastructures

‒      Auctioning portal for the allocation and settlement of treasury bonds for the primary market

‒      Management of payments related to suppliers and projects financed through structural funds.

FinTP can manage payment flows that target individuals and are usually intermediated by banks, such as wages, pensions, state subsidies. It also allows collection of taxes via the same system and framework, and it provides the means to perform both mobile or web operations.

Below is a video showing one of the typical use cases of FinTP for a public institution: