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I’ve been talking a lot with you about our project FinTP and the new-born community FINkers United. What I realised is that I haven’t been talking enough with my colleagues about it, to see what they really think. And not in the meetings we have, but in a more relaxed discussion.

Andreea’s answer was pretty funny because she has been talking with her friends as I wanted to talk to my colleagues: “Well, when I first told my friends about this, they were like: <<Huh? Why would you do something like this? I mean if things are right as they are, why try to change them?”>> Indeed, why? – I thought, but then I replied to them: <<Well, I don’t know, but I guess we owe this to us and to all others on this market to try something new, something better….We don’t know if it will work for sure, we definitely hope it will, but what’s the worst it could happen? Try and fail? Is better than not trying at all…” I don’t know if they were convinced or they were just trying to humour me, but finally I got out of them a <<Who knows? Maybe you are right…maybe something great will come out of it…>>. Maybe it will…”

“Hehe, my friends were also a little bit surprised by this decision.” Ioana G said. “But I explained them that FinTP and FINkers United is the most ambitious project Allevo has embarked on, that it is something never tried out in financial services before, which means that success is going to make history. That this totally new approach is good for Allevo, on all fronts and for all departments involved, starting with sales, marketing & accounting and ending with test & development.” She also added: “I really believe that FinTP is about openness, shared values, ideas, lots & lots of a-ha moments and that is going to be very exciting.”

Mihai, who apparently was present to Ioana’s discussion – n.r.: they kind of frequent the same circles – added: “I know that it is seen as an ambitious project, and by all means this is true. But while being a great challenge for everybody involved, it is also a huge opportunity to pinpoint Allevo, and not only, on the international financial services map.” I don’t know if their friends were convinced at that moment, but they sure will be

Another colleague, George, pointed out an interesting aspect: “Open source isn’t about saving money, it’s about doing more stuff, and getting incremental innovation with the finite budget you have.”

I agree. Open source, and for that matter FinTP, is about so much more than just saving money. It’s about “meeting the challenges of the second and third decades of this millennium”, as I once heard Sorin, our CEO, talking to somebody. It’s about freedom to benefit from “a key business application for the financial ecosystem”, as Ion put it – he’s head of sales, he uses this kind of phrases, but in this case he is so right. It’s about “ideas on stream and challenges to take”. I liked this. “Ideas on stream”… Sabin came up with it. Very clever guy, I tell you.

I also liked what Daniela said when I talked to her: “Participating in a successful innovative free software project is worthy goal in itself, can take multiple forms and ultimately that’s what keeps the whole system going.” And to this, I want to add Andrei’s words: “It is a true opportunity for everyone involved in this project to contribute with their work and ideas.” Don’t you think it would be exciting to participate in something like this? To give a hand to innovation? To share your ideas to other people like you that are actually listening?

You wanna know what I think? I think you should join us in building this new open world. I think being part of something so bold and turning it into a success is very rewarding, as well on a professional level as on a personal one. I think you should adhere FINkers United and prove that “openly sharing ideas and assets is the paradigm of this moment” – Sorin’s words again.

We all think it’s an exciting chance. One that you can take also.

Go FinTP!!!!!

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