cubFinTP-EE provides centralized real-time processing of financial transactions exchanged between the back-office(s) and diverse market infrastructures, enabling high level of STP for financial institutions and corporations.

FinTP-EE is the enterprise solution based on the open source project, FinTP. The FinTP Project is Allevo’s initiative to build an open source application for processing and managing financial transactions within the related community, FINkers United. The FinTP source code complies with GPLv3 license frame and it capitalizes on a ten year successfully practice proven commercially available application, qPayIntegrator.

FinTP provides:

sir cuburi For the business area: liquidity reporting and forecasting, enhanced interoperability with the bank’s corporate customers through closed user group (CUG) architecture, as well as flexible service for individuals based on the extended use of SWIFT standardized messages set for remittances (SWIFT Remit).

sir cuburi For the operations area:  operational risk containment functionalities (such as accounting reconciliation, duplicate detection, AML filtering, competitive alerts) and support for the most popular financial information transfer instruments – payments, direct debit, debit instruments and securities, FX&MM confirmation, cash management, as well as multicurrency enablement.

sir cuburi For IT specific area: insurance of the data quality (natively persistent transactions during their entire life-cycle) and system resilience (transactions mirroring to the back-up platform/s).

sir cuburi For regional market regulations compliance: SEPA – both SCT and SDD – readiness; Traget2 readiness.

cub FMA – business continuity

FMA provides a flexible, reliable solution for ensuring business continuity and building disaster-tolerant SWIFT Alliance computing environments, by real time mirroring SWIFT transactions and routing rules between two remote sites.

cub Esfera – process & resource management

Esfera allows to set-up a virtual process and resource control environment, enabling process management focused on customer project delivery, assets and resources management. Esfera Suite assists the planning, execution, control and flexible correction of the business processes and resources.

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