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BIS Solutions User Group #15

Today we’ve hosted our 15th usergroup at our headquarters, in the special conferenceroom. Our guests were key representatives of the Romanianfinancial institutions, users of BIS solutions and a Romanian BanksAssociation’s member.
The agenda covered a SLAperformance report on our products within the last 4 months ( sincethe previous user group ), followed by comments on patches releasedfor industry standards, regional regulation and third parties’applications latest versions alignment, then a short preview of ourexperience at Sibos Hong Kong & a series of questions raised byour quality system director.
After a short break, our businessanalysts, Cristina & Corina, presented &  ran demos ofsome of our solutions over qPayIntegrator: SEPA, WR, Lite.
We’ve also announced the two forthcoming events, namely theRomanian Finance Symposium “Optimising Liquidity and CashManagement”, sponsored by BIS and organized in Bucharest, atMarriott Grand Hotel, on 3-4 Nov 2009, and the post-SymposiumWorkshop held at our office on 5 Nov 2009. The first event willfeature NBR management, commercial banks, while the other willbring together banks & corporates. Special guest star in allthree days will be Stephan Kraft, SWIFT Senior Account DirectorCEE, who will speak on “Measures to reduce float costs for nationaland international payments”.

To end this event with a smile on everybody’s faces, we invitedall our guests outside, on the terrace to have a quick lunch beforeheading back at their offices.

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