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Corporate-Bank Solutions in a Workshop

Continuing the debates approached within theRomanian Financial Symposium (3 – 4 November 2009)where BIS held a seminar in collaboration with SWIFTrepresentatives, we organized a workshop at our premises focused onthe corporate-bank relations. Our intention was to gather in thesame place representatives of the Corporate Clients Departmentsfrom banks and CFOs or Treasury Managers from different companies,in order to discover pain points and business needs, to identifymeans of improving and simplify the current business landscape andto find common cooperation grounds, having in view BIS experienceand current portfolio of products and services dedicated to thefinancial industry.

BIS has recently made steps forward concerning its partnershipwith SWIFT, concluding a new type of Partnership Agreement, basedon BIS certified competency of offering and sustaining on theRomanian market the most up-to-date SWIFT solutions: corporateaccess to SWIFT network, Bulk Payments, Exceptions andInvestigations, Cash Reporting, Workers Remittances. Thepresentations delivered by BIS certified business analysts were”spiced up” with interventions from SWIFT representatives whojoined our workshop and contributed with relevant informationconcerning the analysis and implementation steps, as well assuccess stories of corporates connected to SWIFT network.
Since the beauty of every solution always comes with questionsabout the costs, Mr. Urs Kern, Corporate and Trade Finance, SeniorManager – SWIFT, shared with us information about the pricepackages and how to evaluate a business case. He also emphasizedthat there is an upward trend for small and medium-sized companiesto connect to SWIFT network.
The less formal atmosphere of the workshop gave everyparticipant the opportunity to discuss openly real problems theyface, to clarify their doubts and to see the benefits of improvingthe corporate-bank relations.
Being an interactive session, naturally the conversations ledto other hot subjects that the industry faces at the moment, suchas SEPA and PSD, a main concern for the banks in particular, butalso raising the interest of the companies, which will be thedirect beneficiaries of these regulations.
In the end, we initiated a brainstorming among theparticipants to conclude and prioritize which are the solutionsthat best fit their needs and how can BIS assist in theirimplementation.
Being already at its 4th workshop focused on financialindustry related hot topics, BIS intends to continue thisinitiative of organizing face-to-face meetings and open discussionsbetween companies and banks. Please feel free to contribute withcomments on the corporate-to-bank subject, as well as withsuggestions for the next focus of our workshop.
If you are interested in finding out more about the solutionspresented during this workshop and in participating in such anevent focused on the corporate-bank relations, please contactCorina Cornea, Marketing Manager BIS, corina.cornea@bisnet.ro.

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