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“Being Present” Becomes Tradition Allevo at SWIFT’s CEE Regional Conference, Vienna, June 4-6, 2012

Under the mark of innovation

Vienna once again, SWIFT CEE Regional Conference once more. As accustomed for the past years, Allevo is a sponsor and exhibiting partner and its delegation will be present at this year’s CEERC. So, if you wanna say hello to Sorin, Corina or Mihai, just take a trip to the City of Music, stop at the Intercontinental and make your way up to Allevo’s stand 🙂 Or up to Allevo’s chat room if you can make it on Tuesday, June 5, where starting 11 o’clock sharp, we’ll have the “Meet the Partner” session. 15 minutes times 5, for each group of attendees, to talk about FinTP (Financial Transactions Processing) initiative, Remittances and SEPA.

Interested by the sampling we provided during the chat room? We’ll be more than happy to welcome you to our stand so that you can get the change to follow more in depth the above mentioned topics.

Moreover, our CEO, Sorin Guiman is part of the innovation plenary panel, to share his opinion on whether successful innovation is crucial for financial market participants as they strive to capitalize on new opportunities in the current challenging and changing financial landscape, on how it is not simple to innovate and experiment while also retaining the highest levels of security, resilience and reliability.

As Vienna was ranked 1st globally for a culture of innovation in 2007 and 2008, and 2nd globally after Boston in 2009 from 256 cities, I think you’ll find more than appropriate the discussion on such an innovative initiative as FinTP, that is to develop an open source application for financial transaction processing and to build a community around it. A fan of bold ideas? Our delegates will show you the reasons for which you wanna be part of this one and join the FINkers United community.

Until next week, be open 🙂

FINkers United in a Word or Two

I would like to start this article with lyrics from the song we ended the FINkers United event with, yesterday: “it’s a beautiful day / don’t let it get away”.

Why? Because this is how you feel when the effort of hard late-night hours of work and preparations do pay off. And I won’t let it get away, without thanking each and every one of you who was present, for turning FINkers United into a successful event. We made it and we made it together. I am, no, we, at Allevo, are overcome and deeply moved by the fantastic cooperation and level of networking achieved. It was quite refreshing to get different people to openly discuss a theme of interest (at least for us).

So, Thank You, for your substantial contribution, for sharing your experience, your knowledge, your valuable opinions and ideas. Thank You to our guests, Thank You to our facilitators, Thank You to our distinguished panelists, Thank You Mela – our director of the event , we couldn’t have done it without you.

I think what was even more exciting is the fact that we accomplished all that while also having fun. It felt that way and was even confirmed by a post-it on the “FINkers United in a word or two” board where participants were asked to post short impressions on the event. Some of the other words pined to the board were: “collaborative”, “innovative”, “constructive”, “unique”, “visionary”, “revealing”, “challenging”, “useful”, “awesome”, “inevitable reality”, “interesting”, “provocative”, “new vision”, “novel”, “cooperation”, “courage!”, “super!”, “very successful”, “new and different”, “+++++++”, “good initiative”, “gorgeous”, “great”, “opportunity”, “educational”, “outstanding”, “the world is watching”, “ideas provider”, “pioneer”, “very good”, “extraordinary effort”.

As I said before, we have the heart to go all the way, because we truly believe in this project, but it feels very good to have people like you appreciate it and support it.

So, that’s why today is a beautiful day. Because we can still feel the sweet taste of success in our mouth, as 40 out of 43 respondents would ABSOLUTELY recommend this event to a colleague! An Innotribed event!

Guess I’ll see you at our next event then In the meantime, stay in touch through our website, blog, tweets, Facebook page, FINkers United community page and group, to get first impressions and photos from the FINkers United event. Anything you want to discuss? You can use our FinTP forum.

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